Each Life Matters


If one were to think back to his earliest elementary school years, he would no doubt recognize the familiar and basic catechism question, “Why did God make you?”  The well-known answer would be, “God made me to show His goodness and to make me happy with Him in heaven.”  God has a plan for each individual He creates.  Each person has a job he must carry out. 

Early School Days

Early School Days

Ultimately the person’s duty is to acquire heaven.  But, “What must you do to be happy with God in heaven?”  Again, a simple but important answer, “To be happy with God in heaven I must know, love, and serve Him in this world.”  

            In today’s society, where the influence of the devil is profound, many of the most innocent and defenseless are deprived of their opportunity to carry out their duties and reach heaven.  Among the causes of this deprivation are money and personal comfort.  It is hard indeed to even imagine that a mother and father would look upon their son or daughter as a mere inconvenience that will only take time and money away from them.

            Whatever these individuals’ motives are, their actions have heavy consequences.  In the societal scope those actions cripple the economy.  Research shows that the loss of workers in America by abortion since 1970 has cost the economy 35 trillion dollars (Ertelt).  There are now less people to care for the retiring (Antkowiak).  All the lives taken as a result of the legalization of abortion would have produced around 1.7 billion dollars to Medicare and around 7.4 billion dollars to Social Security, which in turn would have given at least 785,000 retired workers the average monthly benefit for a year. (Antkowiak).  However, looking at it in the spiritual perspective should be enough to frighten or move people to discontinue this horrific abomination, this open defilement of the fifth commandment.  The fact that it does not shows the lack of spirituality in society.

            Recently, only just last year, an infant from Canada by the name of Joseph Maraachli was born and died of a disease with no known cure, Leigh Syndrome (Ertelt).  Because of his disability the hospital in Canada refused to support him during his short life.  Thankfully, with the help of Father Pavone, the baby was transported to the United States where he was treated. 

Fr Pavone and Baby Joseph

Fr. Pavone and Baby Joseph

Unfortunately, the disease he suffered from took his life not long after (Ertlet).  But the span of his life did not matter, as Father Pavone said shortly after the baby’s death: “We remain convinced that the value of life is not measured in months or years, but rather reflected in the love we share moment by moment” (Ertelt).  After the passing of the infant, Father Pavone also said: “This young boy and his parents fulfilled a special mission from God.  Admidst a Culture of Death, … they upheld a Culture of Life where hope leads us to welcome and care for the vulnerable” (Ertelt).  Yes, God has a plan for each and every person, from the unborn to the dying, and as Father Pavone said, Joseph was able to execute that plan, thanks to the chance he was given that was rightfully his from God anyway.  Just because we do not know what God wanted from the boy in his short life does not mean we can say his life was insignificant and then terminate it.

            No man or woman has the right to deem when it is best to take the life of anyone.  One cannot possibly know what is between the person’s life and God.  Maybe, although the prospects are low, that individual is about to do something that will benefit many men, or maybe he will help someone’s soul, or simply lead a humble life and give glory to God.  Perhaps the old and infirm man the “doctors” are preparing to euthanize is remitting his sins and decreasing the time of his temporal punishment.  Only the Creator can judge the time to call a soul to Himself. 

Terry Schiavo
Terry Schiavo

Terry Schiavo

           The well-known story of Terri Schiavo is just another example of this point.  No one but her Creator had the right to decide if the woman should live or die.  Perhaps Terri was avoiding temporal punishment after death by her sufferings here on earth.  Maybe she was praying for a person who needed prayers desperately.  There is absolutely no way her husband could have perceived what was between her and God.  Again, here one can see the selfishness of people in that they regard not only children but also the disabled as an inconvenience or expense.  Contrary to regarding people as a nuisance, it is known that young children and disabled people can be the most congenial, innocent, and enlightening persons some will ever know.  From Christ Himself we know that we must have little children to learn from and imitate: “And Jesus calling unto him a little child, set him in the midst of them, and said: Amen I say to you, unless you be converted, and become as little children, you shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.” Matt. 18, 2-3. 

Each life, young to aged, is of tremendous value.  Every newborn is one more person who has the potential to help his fellow men, give glory to God, and reach the Beatific Vision.  By the taking of the lives of countless individuals, people are forgoing the possibility of a better world with new innovations and more glory given to God.  By ending the lives of babies before they are able to be baptized, that many more souls are prohibited from attaining eternal happiness, and by prematurely terminating the lives of others, man is boldly declaring that he knows better than his Creator.

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Each Life Matters


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