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Our Lady of Guadalupe Stops Aztec Satanic Rituals AND Planned Parenthood.

Tenochticlan, capital city of the Aztec empire. It is here that the most brutal and vicious act ever known by man is performed: that of deliberately slaughtering helpless people. The Aztecs believed that in order to satisfy the wants of their gods, they were required to make a sacrifice of human life. Thus, in the year 1487, thousands of unwilling victims were dragged to the top of a pyramid, laid upon a flat ritual stone table, there to have their chests cut open, and their hearts ripped out. Their bodies were then thrown down from the top of the pyramid.

It sounds horrific and gruesome, and is repulsive just to think about it. Yet it sounds frighteningly familiar.

Now the year is 2011. The place is a little building on a street in Worcester, or Fitchburg, or any other city in the United States. Once again, it is here that the same brutal deed is occurring: taking the lives of thousands of unprotected people. Continue reading

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Eighth Annual Pro Life Essay Contest WINNER!

Looky Hear! Continue reading

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