Where is the OUTRAGE?

There is certainly quite a bit for the Pro- Life advocate to write about about lately. At the top of the list is New York’s absolutely horrendous new abortion legislation. These “laws,” allow the termination of a child’s life, EVEN AFTER A LIVE BIRTH!  And, this type of legislation is spreading to other states, as we speak.

The outrage over this kind of legislation is starting to gain attention. Charlie Daniels (Country Rock) and other high profile people see this action for what it is. And, they are speaking out.

The Catholic Church, and many mainline protestant churches, understand and teach that original sin needs to be removed from the soul if a person is to gain eternal life. Original sin is removed by the sacrament of Baptism. The sacrament of Baptism is denied the unborn by those who commit the act of abortion. The unborn are murdered in the womb before Baptism is possible and therefore, they are being denied admittance into heaven. The murder of the unborn is outrageous because of the eternal consequences to that soul.

The more people that understand this, and how abortion, a “civilly legal but morally reprehensible act” effects their own soul, the more the outrage will build.

Yes; this line of logic and of truth is not widely promoted and discussed. However, it is the plain and simple teaching of Christ in the Gospel. Baptism is necessary for Salvation.

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