It’s all about YOU …

It’s all about YOU …

There are many arguments against abortion. Let’s take a look at one that is “All About YOU” … and your own personal judgment before God.

If you are considering an abortion, or helping someone get an abortion, answer this; “What do you believe about life after death?”

Most people do believe in some sort of life after death. Even those who outwardly deny it, still have some interior reservation. Although some may say there is no life after death, very few really, really believe it. Deep down, in their “heart of hearts,” there is a “still small voice” warning them of the inevitable reality.

Most people actually do believe in life after death … and they believe in some sort reward and punishment, as well. The good receive some sort of reward, and those who were bad receive some sort of punishment. When people seriously think about “life after death,” this is about as far as it goes.

Many people think, “I am OK. I really don’t have to worry about reward or punishment;  I  never killed anybody or anything!” Well, if you are considering an abortion or or helping someone obtain an abortion, this may not be the case.

Are you willing to commit the “legal” but immoral action of abortion and gamble on the “life after death” consequences? Are you willing to gamble on the fate of your own soul when you stand before God?  Are you willing to commit actions that you know you will not be rewarded for? Who will reward you for committing an abortion? You pay your money, you take your risks and you “terminate” the life of your son or daughter. How rewarding is THAT!?!

Thou Shalt Not Kill in Front of CapitolAt the end of the day, everyone will stand before Christ and face their personal judgment.  Deep down, we know this. The press of worldly occupations, pleasures and distractions may quell our “still small voice” … but they can’t change the reality of the situation.  All of the reasons, excuses and lies will be stripped away. Nothing but the truth will stand with you as the fate of your own immortal soul is decided.

If there is any doubt in your mind, why not play it safe? Learn about the Catholic Church, outside of which there is no salvation. Learn about the life giving Sacraments that Our Lord gave us for our protection and holiness. Most of all, learn about the unbounded Mercy and forgiveness Christ offers us in the Sacrament of Confession.

Choose Life. Start living with the hope and expectation of God’s infinite Mercy. Look forward to your personal judgment and to God’s promised reward for those who love him.

Ultimately, It’s All About YOU!

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