Update in the Pro-Life World

It is to Our Lady, that we need to pray to so that people see the wrong of abortion.

This speech was given by one of the high school students at IHM.

        Here is just a little update of the Pro-Life movement that is spreading throughout the world. A few days ago in Brisbane Australia, there was a billboard put up right next to an abortion clinic. This billboard was advertising the new movie ‘Terminator’. Now if people consciences were not on the guiltier side then this billboard would mean nothing to them. however since we all kno0w what goes on in these clinics this ‘Terminator’ billboard caused a bit of an uprising. 

     It was reported that an employee of the clinic said: “It is unfortunate and obviously inappropriate.” Why would these people care if a poster for evil killer robots was outside a “woman’s health clinic.” It only goes to show that these people know what they are doing is wrong, and that it goes against moral standards.

     Another thing I would like to share is how normal people are taking a stand in there everyday life. In February of 2019, a couple from Virginia saw a sign that said New York had just legalized abortions up to birth. When they saw this they were heart broken. This couple decided to make a sign that said: “Please don’t abort, we will adopt your baby”. They posted a picture of themselves holding the sign on their Facebook page and very soon this photo went viral. One woman contacted them to adopt her baby, but do to the couple joy, the woman decided to keep the baby instead of letting the baby be adopted. Now this couple has helped many women who have contact them about adoption there baby.

     Some may think that their prayers and showing up outside an abortion clinic does not do a lot. But this is wrong. there is a proven 75% no show rate when people are standing outside the clinic praying. Every time you pray to defend the unborn, you help to save lives little by little. Even if we do not see the result, it is there. If we pray for these unborn babies, God will take care of the rest.

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