Turning the Tide

Speech was given by Vice-President.

   The Pro-Life cause is one very close to my heart and I am very excited and grateful to be Vice President this year. Some of the great things are going on in the Pro-life world right now and it is our duty to continue the fight to end abortion in our culture. it is tough but we can do it as the angel Gabriel told Our Lady: “Nothing is impossible with God”. Some of you may know about the signature drive going on right now to end taxpayer-funded abortions. Planned Parenthood is raking in the cash right now – our cash – our tax dollars – and that needs to stop. With your help, it cans top – soon!

   We need to turn this tide of innocent blood by prayer and sacrifice, and lots of it. I encourage you to offer your daily rosaries or decades for the Pro-life intention. What do I mean by that? Ask God – beg Him – to have mercy on the souls of mothers, father, abortion workers, innocent babies and all those struggling with difficult decisions right now. The importance of Prayer cannot be stressed enough, for, although we are told time and again in todays culture that nothing is impossible.We must remember that ultimately we are in God’s hands. We can’t rely on our own strength. we can and will win this battle, but not o n our own terms and not on our own strength and not because nothing is impossible, but because nothing is impossible with God.

I’m looking forward to a great year of working together towards our goal of ending the culture of death and fostering a new culture of life in our society. Thank you! Now I would like to turn the talk over to out President.

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