Special Olympics at Assumption College

This short article was written by K.O..

A few of the students, from IHM, learning what they needed to do for the basketball games.

About a month ago, on March 7th, a few of the Brothers, Dr. Panek, the boy’s Eagles basketball team, and a couple of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Students and parents were able to volunteer at Assumption College’s annual Special Olympics event.  Dr. Panek has participated in this event for quite some time and encouraged us all to join him. Students and teachers alike joined in keeping score, announcing, and helping and encouraging players. By giving those with special needs a chance to enjoy basketball and some friendly competition, this event spread joy to both the players and the volunteers.  It was amazing for all of us to see these kids, some with greater mental disabilities, some with lesser, enjoying themselves with so much enthusiasm. Many of the teams were integrated teams, which means they had disabled and nondisabled members. Watching all these different players and coaches work together and support one another while really getting into the game was extremely inspiring and fun to watch.  After all the games were over, some of the brothers and Eagles finished off the day with a volunteer game. The whole day was filled with smiles, and we were all grateful to have been a part of such a wonderful event that gave these kids a chance to shine! If we have the chance, Immaculate Heart of Mary School will definitely be participating in the event again next year!

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