Looking at the Pro-life World

This article was written by M.D.

Coronavirus and the Pro-Life Cause

A few months ago, no one gave any thought to the new virus which is now called COV-ID 19. Now it has become a worldwide pandemic that is extremely contagious and strikes fear into everyone’s hearts. In the United States, our economy is getting worse every day, bath tissue and basic essentials are hard to find, and schools and “all businesses that are non-essential” are closed. With all that’s going on, we are all understandably concerned about the near future, but we cannot forget that at the same time as the coronavirus is spreading, millions of babies are being killed every year by abortion. Every day, an estimated 3,000 babies are killed in the United States. Businesses are closing because of the virus, but Planned Parenthood remains open as it is considered “essential” to our society. If the killing of innocent children and the harm that it does to their mothers is considered “essential” in our country, then we have a lot of praying to do, and we need to make sacrifices. And so, as we approach Holy Week, let us remember the unborn, and offer our Lenten sacrifices for them, because their lives are ever at risk, and they are in danger of being forgotten amidst all the chaos. 

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