Interviewing Alexander

Some students from IHM, asking Alexander Tschugguel his point of view on the Faith and his Pro-Life cause.

Students at IHM School had a wonderful privilege of speaking to Alexander Tschugguel via Skype on February 13, 2020. Alexander is the young man from Vienna who threw the idolatrous Pachamama statues into the Tiber. Now he directs the St. Boniface Institute; a Catholic lay organization trying to restore Europe to Christianity. IHM students asked many questions to Alexander about the brave actions, he did last October during the Amazon Synod. They also asked about his conversion to the Catholic Faith and love for the Latin Mass! St. John the Baptist Pro-Life League Officers introduced themselves and spoke about their activities with the school’s Pro-Life League. Thank you, Alexander! You are a great inspiration for the youth and for all! Keep up the great work!

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