Fight For Life!

This essay was written by N.H., our third-place winner of the 9th and 10th graders Pro-Life Essay Contest.

Life. The value of it. I’ve been thinking about how much life means. To the people I love. To me. Every day its value grows; I realize how precious it is. Every day, people around me die. As I drive by churches, I see funerals. As I drive by hospitals, I think of all the sick and dying people. I also think about the people that have just been born. All life has an end. Many forget that. Some people try to avoid it and not think about it. Others welcome death with open arms, hoping to free themselves from the misery of this world. 

Life. It is the one thing that you cannot give, you cannot buy, cannot lengthen. It is short, and grows shorter with every passing day. So many would give anything and everything to live one more day. To feel the sun on their face. To breathe. And we take that for granted. 

Everyone deserves to live; to have a chance. To see the beauty of this world; for it is truly a wonderful place. Why deprive someone of this? Why steal their opportunities for our conveniences? Our days are made up of interactions with others. We either make their lives a little bit happier, give them optimism, or give them sadness, anger, tears, insecurities, and hatred; the choice is entirely ours. We are here, on this earth, for others; not for ourselves; so why deprive them of what we can freely enjoy. Did we decide to live? Did we make that choice? No. So then why should we? What power do we, mere human beings, have over life? We cannot control and decide who dies or who lives; that is not ours to decide. And that is exactly why abortion is wrong; and I could stop right here, and this argument itself could be enough. But for me, it is not enough. Because nothing will recompensate, nothing will justify, nothing will ever pay back for all the injustice that abortion has done; that we–human beings–have done. 

Women that want to have an abortion aren’t are simply lost and confused. They have no one to turn to when they find themselves pregnant. Planned Parenthood offers them the support that they have been desperately looking for. Women are told the lie that “abortion is a very safe procedure” and that “most people feel relief after an abortion.” Planned Parenthood warns their patients against crisis preganancy centers, “fake clinics run by anti-abortion activists who try to scare people out of having abortions,” when in reality, the pro-lifers who run these clinics tell the truth about abortion–what really happens–because so many people are completely unaware of the horrifying truth. 

Planned Parenthood’s website states that during the abortion procedure “A doctor or nurse uses medical instruments and gentle suction to remove the pregnancy tissue from your uterus.” Notice that the words “baby” or “child” are not used. Not even “fetus”. In a video explaining abortion in Planned Parenthood, there is no sign of a baby inside the womb; only tissue is displayed. This proves that Planned Parenthood wants to convince women that their baby is only a blob of tissue and nothing more, and that is one of the biggest lies that many people sadly believe.

Women start thinking that abortion is ok; that they are not really killing a child. It is easy to turn a blind eye and pretend that nothing is wrong. But everything with abortion is wrong.  It is so effortless to believe a nice, sweet, sugar-coated lie, than to know the dark truth behind abortion. There are over 3,000 abortions in the U.S. every day. Planned Parenthood softens the horror of abortion beautifully, never refering to the victims of abortion as “baby” or “mother”; because both the mother (even though the woman may not want to accept that title) and her baby are victims.“Care, no matter what,” another lie. The clinic wants you to think that you are beneficing from the abortion. But this is what Planned Parenthood doesn’t tell you. They never tell you what happens to the babies. You’ve probably never heard about the POC room in every  Planned Parenthood center. POC stands for Products of Conception. It’s common and cruel nickname is Pieces of Children. Yes, the very clinic that refuses to accept openly that the fetus is a human, uses the name “children” when referring to them. This is a gruesome truth, and I am so very sorry for revealing it, but I must do it because if I don’t then you may never be aware of this. Why pieces? It seems like Planned Parenthood forgot to tell you that the babies, after they are murdered… are no longer in one piece. The clinic also admitted in court that they sold the babies’ parts. Planned Parenthood doesn’t believe its own lie. The babies they kill are not a blob of tissue. They are alive.   

Life is so precious because once it is lost, there is no going back. The loss of a single life is a tragedy. People struggle to put their lives back together after their loved one has died. Sometimes they never fully recover. Yet no one mourns the death of an unborn child. No one remembers. That is why we must fight. For those who have no voice. For those who cannot fight themselves. Just because they cannot speak, just because their voices are too quiet to hear, doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Abortion is an eternal scar on humanity. It is there; it is real. It is murder. And we must realize that. Because once you know what abortion really is, you cannot go on promoting it. Once you know the truth, it isn’t possible to believe the lie anymore. So fight. Fight for those who don’t have a voice. Fight for the right. Fight for life. 

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