Brown Bagging It At Planned Parenthood

Brown Bagging it at Planned Parenthood

Crimes against the unborn are not the only human wreckage accomplished at Planned Parenthood Abortuaries. No. Human and societal damage blossoms out of the doors of Planned Parenthood locations everywhere.

We usually protest abortion at a nearby Planned Parenthood on Saturday mornings. So often, we witness young women stopping by Planned Parenthood for a short visit. They stop in quickly, walk out with a small brown paper bag and check off one more item on their list of Saturday morning errands. What is in these little brown bags?

What is in these little brown paper bags? Thirty tablets, conveniently packaged to re-regulate and confound young women in many ways. Birth Control Pills.

Many medical articles have been written about the problematic side effects Birth Control Pills have on the human body. Nausea, Acne, Bleeding, Leg Pain, Bloating, Contact Lens Eye Pain, Weight Gain, Migraines, Blood Clots and High Blood Pressure. Forty years of medical studies point to long term health problems including increased risk of cancer and heart problems.

But what about the emotional wreckage? So many young women are ruined by giving themselves to selfish opportunistic partners that have no interest in anything other than short term gratification. The emotional trauma of being used, and then discarded has life long consequences for such young women. This is especially true of young women who are facing a vulnerable time in their lives as they grow through teenage years. The desire for attention, affection, approval and acceptance can make them cave in to early “all out,” but temporary emotional commitments. The subsequent “break-up,” rejection and emotional withdrawal is often catastrophic on a young woman.

As young women suffer through the emotional damage of being used, many rebound into other shorter term and less meaningful relationships. They hope the results of their efforts to obtain happiness will be different next time. The cycle of being used and rejected only deepens the emotional scars. Health problems, disease and pregnancy can result, driving a woman to despair.

The ability for a young woman to form a trusting, meaningful long term relationship is impaired. Marriage and the ability to confidently raise children can be hampered. The ideals of love, self sacrifice and the strengthening grace of the Sacrament of Marriage can be lost.

The marriage privilege reflects a deep and long term natural commitment that benefits the married couple. It results in the establishment of a family unit that can result in new life and can strengthen society and its culture. However, Planned Parenthood has worked hard to upturn this in the name of freedom, illicit and meaningless gratification and “women’s health.”

In reality, Women’s physical and emotional health is usually the first casualty. Damage to the integrity of family life, Society and the future of our country are usually other casualties.

Let Planned Parenthood keep their Birth Control Pills and false promise of happiness. Overcome our culture’s pressure to be used and set your sights on a rewarding vocation as a wife and mother.

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